Roz Maamar is a popular dish for large gatherings and celebrations due to its filling and satisfying nature. It is often served with a side of salad or vegetables to balance out the richness of the rice and beef. While it is a more indulgent dish, it can be a delicious treat for special occasions.

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Roz Maamar is a classic Egyptian dish that is often served during special occasions and holidays, such as weddings and Eid al-Fitr. The dish consists of baked rice with tender pieces of beef and a creamy sauce made with milk and spices. The name Roz Maamar translates to “twisted rice,” which refers to the unique way the dish is prepared, with the rice and meat mixture being twisted into a spiral shape before baking. Roz Maamar has a rich and flavorful taste, with the spices and creamy sauce infusing the rice and beef with a savory and comforting flavor. While the exact origins of Roz Maamar are not clear, it is believed to have been inspired by similar rice and meat dishes from other Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines.

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600 calories


30 grams


30 grams


70 grams