Savor the exquisite blend of fragrant basmati rice, succulent meats or vegetables, and aromatic spices in our Egyptian Biriani Rice. Topped with crispy onions and fresh herbs, it’s a sensory journey through Egypt’s diverse culinary influences.

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Delight in the aromatic flavors of Egyptian Biriani Rice, a culinary masterpiece that weaves together fragrant basmati rice, succulent meats or vegetables, and a symphony of exotic spices. Each forkful is a journey through a tapestry of tastes, with tender morsels nestled within a bed of flavorful rice. Topped with fried onions and garnished with fresh herbs, this dish is a sensory celebration, perfect for special occasions or a memorable everyday meal.

Egyptian Biriani Rice finds its roots in the rich tapestry of Middle Eastern and Indian culinary influences. Over the centuries, traders and travelers brought a myriad of spices and ingredients to the region, shaping the diverse flavors we savor today. This dish is a testament to Egypt’s history as a cultural crossroads, where flavors and techniques from various corners of the world melded together. Each serving of Biriani Rice is a tribute to this storied history, offering a taste of Egypt’s multicultural culinary heritage.

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248 calories


5.5 grams


1.8 grams


51.8 grams